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And you thought the prison architect was an idiot...

If I were a superhero, I wouldn't be able to wear my costume under my clothes all the time. Besides having to put on additional gloves, mask, and boots, I would want my costume to incorporate a bulletproof vest and other armor/padding. So this means, if I want to be able to respond at a moment's notice, I'd always have to bring a bag containing my outfit when I go out, as well as an excuse for why I always want it and what could be inside, even if it's just a bag I leave in the car/my saddlebags. My excuse would have to be plausible, yet not too practical. I can't say it's an emergency kit, or a towel, because what if someone needed a flashlight, a first aid kit, or something to mop up a mess with? Most likely, I will only be able to carry my costume when I am inconspicuously able to, usually only when unaccompanied by other people. This works out, because if I'm out with other people, disappearing from their company when an emergency pops up would be impractical and suspicious anyway. For most of my superhero work I would probably go on patrols scouting for trouble, instead of waiting for the trouble to find me.

My superpower, would of course be flight. Although if that were my only power, I don't think I would become a superhero. Therefore, I also have lightning/electricity powers. I have a friend who plays a very silly roleplaying game, in which powerful lightning spells have bears come out of them. This would be a really awesome aspect of my powers, if really powerful lightning arcs created electricity bears, but I'd hate to ask for too many cool powers, since I already have two. Though if I could create electricity bears, then I'd have a cool theme to run with for my superhero persona. No, I think I need them. They're too cool.

Happy... Kwanzaa? Boxing Day? Saturday? New page day?

I suppose I should mention that I did a silly Style Meme for Eris the other day. Which you can find here. In other news, one of the things I got for Christmas was a small sketchbook made from elephant dung and rice paddy. I can see how this may gross some people out, but I think it's neat, and makes for very interesting textured paper. My conundrum being that I have to decide which medium and subject matter is best suited to the paper. I want to say charcoal, but that sounds very messy for a sketchbook and everything would get smudged. Perhaps a grease pencil. And I think I'll get back to doing some life drawing and stuff for it. In more other news, the book I'm reading is not very good, and I'm still waiting for it to get cool. But I still kinda want to see it to the end and see if it does get cool, before I really start reading something else. I'm almost a third of the way through the book and we haven't set out on our adventure yet...

I'd write more blog posts if I ever had any idea what to say in them.

I feel bad about the lack of cast info on the About page, since it clearly indicates that there should be something there, and there clearly isn't. But I want the eventual cast pictures to look good, and my first attempt at drawing Eris's cast picture did not work out. I also have a vision for killer wallpaper images for each member of the cast. These will of course be even longer in coming, but I envision them being totally awesome.

In fact, everything about Eris and Itzal I always envisioned as being totally awesome. The color-changing website, the mysterious characters, everything. I am in general, pleased with how it's going, though I will probably tweak some of the background colors a bit, since I'm not 100% on all of them.


For about a week there I was really good about drawing all the time, and getting a page finished every day. And then I lost it earlier this week. I actually know exactly what triggered my loss of focus this time, and it's a dumb reason. So it's definitely time to get back my groove. Which is easier said than done... Fortunately, I also know what was responsible for my burst of productivity in the first place. 24 Hour Comic Day. A day where I sat down at my drawing table at 10:30 am, and did not stop working until 7:30 the following morning. There was a ridiculously ambitious goal and a strict time limit. It got me in the mindset to draw with a minimum of breaks, and I held onto that mindset for awhile. So it finally occurred to me that I could perhaps do a miniature version of 24 Hour Comic Day to get me in a productive mood again. A strict one hour time limit to draw and ink a whole page. (It's also the perfect opportunity to practice inking with a brush, without the pressure of it having to look good.) So I did one of those this morning, and after doing so, found I was finally able to sit and thumbnail today's page. So after I get some sleep, I will work on the page and it will be up as soon as I can finish it.

Happy Damaswef Day!

So, goal met in one respect, and failed in another. I did in fact, create a half-way decent comic, and it only made my hand hurt for half a day. I did not however, finish within the 24 hours. But I can still say it was entirely conceived, written, and pencilled in 12 hours. I began inking that night, and I have since been working on the pages, posting one a day here. It's about a little dude in a tuxedo, who has a flower.

Hey October, how's it going?

Today I'm doing a 24 Hour Comic. 24 pages in 24 hours. Very exciting. This'll be my third one. Not sure yet how I'll go about it. The first time I did one my hand was out of commission for about a week afterwards, then the next year I took better care of my hand, but the comic wasn't any good. So we'll see if I can get some kind of balance. A half-way decent comic that will only make my hand hurt for a day or two perhaps? This year will be different mostly because I'm not in school anymore. So instead of hanging out in the school building, drawing with all the other art school kids, I'll be drawing at home and my friend will come over. Should be fun in any case.

World domination plots...?

Nah, I got nothing. Welcome to the first page of the comic. There's an explosion.

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